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Letter From the CEO

At Neighbors Health, we aim to improve the overall quality of life for everyone. We’re a passionate, close knit team that focuses on the needs of the community. Simply put—we care. This care is not only for the patients, but for our hard working physicians and medical staff, the people who make everything possible. They are the ones who continue to transform medicine and carry out our mission to a bring an accessible and personable approach to emergency care. As we care for our patients, we care for one another.

This company was founded by physicians, and our business model provides opportunities not found in traditional hospital ER settings. We strive to build a trusting relationship with our professional staff to help them maintain a comfortable and rewarding work environment. Of course, this can only be accomplished with a genuine display of complete financial transparency and reliable management. We offer our physicians the chance to invest at a competitive market rate for Freestanding Emergency Centers, as well as stock investment opportunities and additional growth options.

Due to our distinct vision, we have noticed a surge of overwhelming support from the community and professionals alike. People know a good thing when they see it and because of this, Freestanding Emergency Centers have grown at an exceptional rate. We are just getting started; Neighbors Health is a long-term oriented company that has its goals set high. We look to continue our rapid expansion by bringing more service-based care units to a greater number of communities.

In the end, it’s about providing people with the proper care; it’s about taking initiative and giving them direct access to locations, shorter wait times, and a more attentive and pleasant experience—overall, making lives better. Patient care is our driving force and gives us the drive to carry out our dream to bring a healthier and brighter future to everyone.



Setul G. Patel, MD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer



Neighbors Emergency Center is offering the unique opportunity to serve as a physician, to be a shareholder in a thriving company, and to join us in transforming emergency care. Together, we can make lives better by building a collaborative and compassionate medical community for the greater good of patients across the United States.

For more information, contact our Corporate Office at 713.436.5200 or

Together, we can be The Best Neighbors Ever.

For more information please contact Tricia Todd, Investor Relations

Purpose and Vision

OUR PURPOSE is to MAKE LIVES BETTER by providing extraordinary care through dedicated focus on our patients, culture and community with A VISION to be The Best Neighbors Ever.

We believe in providing extraordinary care that is dedicated to making lives better every day. Neighbors Health operates around an unfaltering vision to be “The Best Neighbors Ever” – this means providing unparalleled medical care driven by compassion, respect and dedication. We are focused on our patients, the culture of our company, and the community.


The culture of Neighbors Health reflects not only who we are internally, but how we will strive to make sure our passion for patient centered health care is properly carried out. Our values guide us in providing extraordinary care that consistently delivers on our Purpose to MAKE LIVES BETTER every day.

We Value
The heart

We are Genuine, Respectful, Compassionate, Engaging, and Thoughtful.

We Value
The Spark

We are Creative, Driven, Visionary, Have a Sense of Urgency, and We Ignite.

We Value
The Guardian

We Nurture, Protect, are Loyal, Trustworthy, and Honorable.

We Value
The Smile

We are Friendly, Fun, Uplifting, Welcoming, and Believe in Camaraderie.

We Value
The Window

We are Collaborative, Sharing, Transparent, Open Communicators, Accountable, and Cost-Conscious.

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