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  • One Couple’s “Forever” Begins at Neighbors Emergency Center Edgemere

    One Couple’s “Forever” Begins at Neighbors Emergency Center Edgemere

    HOUSTON, Texas, December 21, 2016 – Staff at the Neighbors Emergency Center Edgemere were honored to help one young U.S. Army solider propose marriage to his girlfriend at the center on December 20. The center is located at 12101 Edgemere Blvd., 79938.

    The Army solider, who soon deploys to the Middle East, walked in to the Neighbors Edgemere lobby asking assistance to stage his marriage proposal. The Neighbors staff was more than happy to help. The plan was to have a friend contact his girlfriend with the news that he had been injured in an accident and to meet them at Neighbors, and when his girlfriend arrived at his bedside, he would pop the question. Neighbors staff had the solider change into a hospital gown and bandaged his head to appear as though he had been involved in an accident.

    Needless to say, his girlfriend was distraught to hear that her beloved was hurt. She was so worried that one of the soldier’s friends had to drive her to Neighbors. When she entered Room 1, the solider assured her he was fine and proposed, and she accepted.

    “We take the business of making lives better, seriously,” said Neighbors Emergency Center Edgemere’s Dr. Davida Manor. “It was our pleasure to be part of such a special moment. We wish this young couple many happy years together.” This is just another example of how Neighbors incorporates their core values of having a genuine, compassionate heart and a creative spark into the many local communities we are honored to serve.

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