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  • RI Native, Neighbors Health, LLC Chief Operating Officer Leads State’s First Freestanding ER to West Warwick

    RI Native, Neighbors Health, LLC Chief Operating Officer Leads State’s First Freestanding ER to West Warwick

    HOUSTON, Texas, October 25, 2016 – Bruce W. McVeigh, Chief Operating Officer for Neighbors Health, LLC, the parent company of Neighbors Emergency Center, is bringing Rhode Island’s first freestanding emergency center to his home state with the mission of giving his fellow Rhode Islanders a choice in ER care. The Neighbors Emergency Center West Warwick will be located at 325 Quaker Lane.

    McVeigh has been an integral part of Neighbors since March 2014 and has led the company’s rapid expansion of facilities to almost 30 freestanding emergency centers in Texas. But before he was charged with strategic planning and facility construction, he was a boy born in Westerly, where many in the McVeigh family still live today.

    “It was a very Norman Rockwell type of childhood,” said McVeigh. “I graduated from Providence College in 1984 before joining the Army. My sister still lives in Westerly in the house across the street from where we grew up. I have cousins and a niece and her family that are living in Rhode Island. My godmother still lives in the area. Westerly will always be home.”

    After honorably serving our country for 30 years, which involved supporting national contingency operations and serving an appointment to senior health planning and operations positions within the joint realm, McVeigh also served numerous deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan. When he retired from the military, McVeigh settled in Texas. He has extensive experience in health policy formulation and program implementation, including direct clinical care. Additionally, he has extensive knowledge in healthcare training and international humanitarian assistance missions.

    McVeigh joined Neighbors in 2014 and brought his no-nonsense leadership to the fast expansion of the freestanding emergency center leader. When the decision to develop Neighbors outside of Texas was made, McVeigh was dedicated to taking Neighbors’ personalized ER care and experience to his native Rhode Island.

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